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Lukas Leuthold, engineer, keyboarder, bassist & band coach. 20+ years of band experience. Numerous bands (Funk, Rock, Gospel, Fusion). Berklee studies in Production Technique and Engineering. R7Studio is a non-profit Christian based recording studio which is run by a sponsorship. We keep the partnerships with other producers and the relationship of the musicians in the foreground. The aim is to promote the excellency of the musicians and the constant striving for music that touches the hearts.


Bands like Yellow Jackets, Rippingtons, Level42, Mezzoforte and Jeff Lorber were a real relief for me as a piano student who always had to practice classical music during instrumental lessons at school. The joy in gospel, fusion, funk and pop music always inspires me anew and influences me as a keyboarder and bass player.

For 20 years I collected my best inspirations and now (2018), on my 40th birthday, I create my first album. I created 10 songs (three  ballads), with the contribution of more than 20 regional musicians as well as an orchestra from South Africa, the brass players from Mexico and two Indians. This gotta be fusion!

With this record no shortage was taken to catch the sounds of strings and brass, percussion, flutes, sitar and tabla, our village river, in addition to the typical band instruments like drums, bass & guitar.

Buy my album! Music that breathes and is full of joy, where musicians let each other take the lead. This is definitely not mainstream!

The special thing about my project

You are a musician and want to learn these songs? Almost every song is written in C major or C minor. That helps a lot if you want to understand what happens harmonically.​

Visit the shop there you get

the album shipped free as a physisch  CD or here in the player as a digital download (MP3 and FLAC)

- the songs in uncompressed, high-resolution audio format (24/96) directly from mastering engineer Bob Katz

- Leadsheets to play along (not yet online)

- Teaching material for the songs (not yet online)




3665 Wattenwil, Switzerland